Company Profile:
Headquartered in Istanbul, Platinflex came into being in 2000, and has since then emerged as one of the preeminent manufacturers of corrugated flexible metal hoses for industrial, Gas and Water applications. Today Platinflex proudly delivers flexible hoses and assemblies in all key industrial sectors including Railways and Heavy Engine Industry, Energy and Shipbuilding. These custom-built assemblies are used in Oil & Gas Pipelines, Chemical & Petrochemical Industries and are designed in partnership with our Clients, keeping their specifications in mind. With key performance indicators, such as safety, integrity and technical feasibility coupled with our global supply chains and lean processes, Platinflex has set up a niche for itself which ensures the highest standards of product guarantee and compliance.

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Established Date: 2000  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Munir TUZCU